1 Boathouse Row, Philadelphia, PA 19130 215-978-0900

We are serious about your health, our community, and the well-being of our planet

• Our produce is from local farms who use sustainable farming practices.
• Our meat is only from local farms who treat their animals humanely and use sustainable farming practices.
• Our breads are from local bakeries of the highest quality.
• If a local products are not available, such as coffee (not grown in the Continental U.S.), we support Fair Trade principles.
• We purchase organic products whenever possible.
• We keep our prices fair and reasonable, so that as many people as possible can enjoy healthful, tasty food.
• We package minimally, with biodegrable, compostable, or recyclable materials. (Our plates and hot cups are from recycled paper.  And our very sturdy, attractive cold cups and cutlery are made from cornstarch.)
• We compost daily and recycle on site.
• We treat our employees with respect, pay a living wage, and offer health insurance.
• We make regular donations to St. Johns Hospice of Philadelphia for the homeless.
• A portion of our proceeds supports Fairmount Parks and Recreation.
• Chef Peg personally employs, trains (and cares about) people with disabilities
• We offer Internship and apprenticeship programs.
This and more was behind the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Award bestowed upon Cosmic Catering back in 2006  (when most hadn’t yet even heard of the phrase ‘Triple Bottom Line’)  by the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia.  Chef / Owner Peg Botto works hard every day to uphold and exceed that honor.

Good Food. Good Karma